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Black Friday Specials : The Big Wealthy Affiliate Sale!

Hi Everyone!

Black Friday specials are all over the internet but the best deal is right here at Wealthy Affiliate!

It’s that time of year again and Black Friday is upon us.  The most awaited Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday sale is finally here!

On November 25 to 28, Wealthy Affiliate is offering a HUGE DISCOUNT on its yearly membership.

if you are currently a monthly or starter member, you will be able to get a yearly subscription at an awesome discounted yearly price of only $299!

That is right friends.  That is a 49% discount on the regular yearly membership fee.

That translates to only $24.91 per month or only $0.82 per day for an annual membership to the best, most effective online marketing training platform.


wealth affiliate black friday specials

This is actually much much less than the price when Wealthy Affiliate started more than 10 years ago!

Nothing else comes close to what Wealthy Affiliate offers.  No upsells.  Just pure learning which has proven to be effective as evidenced by countless members who have benefited from it.   See How The Wealthy Affiliate is making a difference here

And this coming December Wealthy Affiliate will be giving FREE SSL for everyone.  Google is now starting to rank sites that have SSL better than those that don’t.  Most companies charge $20 – $50 per site per year for an SSL certificate.  This is going to be absolutely FREE at Wealthy Affiliate.

Moving forward, 2017 is going to be an exciting year at Wealthy Affiliate.

new-years-day-1807749_1920Incredible advances in the areas of website and hosting areas

New training

New design

More help

And more of that awesome learning platform that has been proven to be highly effective at creating a successful and sustainable online business.

All these means more and better efficiency for your business!

All these included in your Premium membership at no extra cost.

2017 is going to be the best year yet!

Who Can Take Advantage of This Offer?

Anyone and everyone!

Whether you are not yet a member or

Whether you are a Starter member or

Whether you are a premium member

You can grab this offer

If you are already on the regular yearly price, you still can take advantage of this offer.

You can purchase another year at the Black Friday specials rate of $299 and this will be tacked on to the end of your existing year.

So mark those dates.  Sale starts on Friday, November 25, 2016!

Get your Wealthy Afiliate Black Friday discount here

So why should you Go Yearly?

Statistics show that yearly members are the highest achievers in Wealthy Affiliate and because of the focus they give their business they generate the highest income.

Most people want to achieve overnight success but I tell you there is no such thing.  To be successful in your online business you must be willing to dedicate your time to establish a firm foundation and build a sustainable business that will generate income for years to come.  And the first months should be allotted for building that foundation.

Those that succeed are those that are willing to give themselves enough time to create a solid foundation and prepare their business for success.

Thus the element that separates the highly successful from those that do not succeed is TIME.

Everything you need to create a successful online is at Wealthy Affiliate.  And the yearly membership is the way to make that success happen.

So mark that calendar and make sure you get ready to go yearly.

At only $0.82 per day get the best and most effective learning platform for building a successful online business today.

black friday specials

This awesome offer may never be available again.

14 thoughts on “Black Friday Specials : The Big Wealthy Affiliate Sale!

  1. I”m definitely upgrading to this on Friday. I’ve gotten so much out of this wonderful platform that I can’t believe they even offer this deal. And you also get this price locked for life! Thanks for informing us.

    1. Great Vanessa! I am sure you will never regret that decision. With the tons of training materials the Wealthy Affiliate is offering, all geared towards making you a topnotch online marketer, this Black Friday deal should not be missed. And the thing is this may never happen again. The $299 investment is so small compared to the learning experience that you will gain and the income that you will be able to generate from the online businesses that you will be able to build.

  2. I have heard so many positive things lately about Wealthy Affiliate and now to see your article announcing a Black Friday deal is just amazing. No more procrastinating for me. It is time to take the plunge. On question, does wealthy Affiliate offer any sort of mentorship for new members who are just starting out in the online marketing business? Thanks again for this great review. Keep up the good work.


    1. Hi Patrick! Wealthy Affiliate is a platform that offers training for newbies or experts alike. So if you are a newbie have no fear. WA employs very effective teaching methods and provides really usable tools to its members. I assure you you will learn a lot. And not only that. You get support not only from the guys behind WA, but from the whole community of WA who are all willing to pitch in and do their share in helping co-members. I have experienced that myself so I know. This strong support system gives the much needed guidance to anyone starting out in the online marketing field and has proven to be a great boost even to experienced marketers.

  3. I just might have to go for yearly with this deal. I don’t like paying for things every month, I would rather pay one lump sum and with the Black Friday discount it seems like something I should do. And you mentioned free SSL, how will members get that? I’m not exactly sure what it is. Thanks!

    1. SSL is an acronym for Secure Sockets Layer. This is a technology that creates encryption (scrambling of data) between a web server and a visitor’s web site thereby securing the connection. Try to look at it as some sort of a security layer that will authenticate each entity on the internet. An SSL certificate contains the name of the certificate holder, serial number, expiration date and digital signature of the entity that issued the certificate. And starting this December Wealthy Affiliate will be giving its members an SSL certificate for free as part of their membership. Take note that Google is starting to ranks sites that have an SSL certificate better than sites that don’t’ so this is another plus for WA members.

  4. I can’t wait to go yearly as I am a premium member and am loving every minute of it! I can’t possibly afford to go yearly yet, as I am a student with no income but will definitely work hard towards it! I think I’ll wait until the next Black Friday sale since I know that they have one every year and sign up yearly then.

    1. That’s just fine Emma. This is the nice thing about Wealthy Affiliate. You can learn at your own pace. Because everything is made available to you as a premium member, you can go on a month to month basis and still get the most out of the program. No difference really in terms of the quality and quantity of learning you get between the monthly and the yearly options. I wish you all the best on your journey and here is wishing you success in your entrepreneurial adventure at Wealthy Affiliate.

  5. Hii kathy,Thanks for informing us.WA is a great community and i look forward to the big day you are talking about.
    can i ask a question? is there a six month offer for the Black friday deal?

    1. Hi Buny. No there is no option for a 6 month subscription whether on regular or during the Black Friday special. But a one-year subscription would really be ideal to learn all that you need to learn to build a successful online business. The $299 yearly rate translates to just about $0.82 per day, a very small price to pay for quality, legitimate training. See you in Wealthy Affiliate soon!

  6. Wealthy Affiliate is a wonderful place to learn step by step how to start an online business!

    The price is already good but thanks to the Black Friday Deal, people can take advantage and have their yearly membership for an incredible price!

    Thanks for sharing with us this post and have a great day! 😀

    1. That is exactly what it is Anis. The lessons inside Wealthy Affiliate have been designed in such a way that even newbies are able to understand and learn all about creating a income generating website, driving traffic and search engine rankings even without any technical background. And all that at an even reduced price this Black Friday.

  7. Think about all the people that invest thousands of dollars into a business deal or real estate or stocks. Sometimes they are successful and sometimes now. Here, you can invest for a long-term business for such a low price. 82 cents a day — if you can buy a coffee a day for 2 dollars you can certainly afford this. I will definitely check it out

    1. That analogy is spot on Ben. With such a small investment you can build a sustainable online business that will enable you to earn well and for the long-term. In fact anyone and everyone who has the passion to learn the drive for creating an income generating venture online can do this and succeed at it. There are now countless members of WA who are earning on a regular basis and earning well. See you on the inside soon!

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