How A Keyword Research Tool Should Be : A Jaaxy Review

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Today I would like to talk about Jaaxy, my keyword tool of choice, and show you how powerful a keyword tool it is and why Jaaxy is how a keyword research tool should be.

Keywords are one of the primary components of a well-optimized website.   Keywords help people find your posts, drive traffic to your site and subsequently help your pages to convert.

The online world is constantly evolving, and if you want to stay on top, you have to make sure you use the right keywords that will get your site ranking which is a crucial factor for successful conversions.

And choosing the right keywords can be efficiently and effectively done with the use of the right keyword research tool.

There are so many keyword research tools out in the market today and choosing the right one for you may be a difficult decision to make.  I cannot overemphasize how important keyword research is to an online business and knowing how to choose the right tool is just as important.

A lot of the keyword research tools you can find today have databases that are outdated and therefore, rendering these data useless to your online marketing tasks.  Jaaxy uses an algorithm that uses data from the different search engines to come up with results that are closer to the real numbers.  And these are presented to you as the user, in a simple, easy to understand efficient manner.


What is Jaaxy?

how a keyword research tool

Jaaxy is the keyword research tool of choice today by a lot of online marketers because it has features that make it really easy to find keywords that will help a site rank in the search engines.

Jaaxy gets data, not only from Google, but Bing and Yahoo as well, and presents those data in a way that is understandable and easy to use.

Jaaxy gives you information that really matter to an online marketer like you, which are both useful and usable.    Besides giving data on the number of searches and traffic, Jaaxy  provides you with valuable information on competition or the number of sites competing for your keywords.

It simplifies keyword research for you by providing you with more information that will be useful for you, thus, reducing  both the time and effort needed to find that perfect keyword for your posts.

A lot of folks get stuck just coming up with a niche or even a good domain name.  I am sure you have experienced this at one time or another in your effort to find that perfect keyword for your post or even for your niche.

With Jaaxy you never have to worry about getting stuck again.  When you do a keyword search,  Jaaxy not only gives you keyword suggestions but also generates other relevant ideas. Therefore, in a matter of minutes, your search is expanded to come up with tons of ideas for you to use.

This, to me, is how a keyword research tool should be.


How Does Jaaxy Work?

Whenever you do keywood research on Jaaxy, you get the following information :

how a keyword research tool

Monthly Searches.   This is the number of searches that your keyword gets per month.  Data for this is taken from the combined search data for Google, Bing and Yahoo. It is recommended that this be a minimum of 50.

Estimated Traffic.   This is the actual traffic that you will get per month if your site is on page one of Google’s search results.

QSR (Quoted Search Results). This number shows you how many other pages are competing for the same keyword or phrase the you entered.  A number 300 and below would be good.  But of course, the lower this number is the better for you as there will be fewer sites competing  with you.

Please take note that QSR is different from the completion data you see in the Google Keyword Tool.  The Google data refers to advertiser competition whereas QSR refers to website competition which is highly important when you want your keywords to rank in the search engines.

KQI (Keyword Quality Indicator).   This is a color coded metric with greaning meaning your keyword is of great quality, yellow good, and red signaling your keyword quality is poor.

SEO.  This is a score that is based on traffic and competition. The higher the score the higher likelihood that you will rank on the first page for this keyword.

Domain Search.  This tells you if there are available domains for the keyword you are searching for.

Related.  Jaaxy gives you several keywords related to the keyword you are searching for, thus, giving you more ideas for your search.

Brainstorm.  This is a list of keywords to help you brainstorm.  This gives you ideas, ideas, ideas so you don’t have to search the internet one by one for ideas for your niche or for your article.   You will often find discoveries for great keywords here.

To give you a good idea of what Jaaxy is and how it works I have included a video here that will walk you through the process:

how jaaxy works


Another great feature of Jaaxy which I really like is Site Rank which allows you to find what rank your page has.  This is very helpful to online marketers as it serves as guidance on how your page is doing.  I personally use this to track my progress.  I get to see which pages are doing ok and which pages need more working on.

Why Choose Jaaxy?

Most people worry about having too much competition with the niche that they are in.  But if you are like me who uses Jaaxy, you will have no fear because you have at your disposal  a very powerful tool that will give you tons of ideas for creating campaigns, even in niches that you know nothing about.

jaaxyWith Jaaxy you are able to discover a lot of keywords and ideas that will enable you to create many niches that will generate several income streams for you. Competition has always been one of the main concerns of online marketers.  With Jaaxy’s  QSR feature, you get access to “no competition” keywords and take advantage of these untapped keywords to boost your rankings.  This way you eliminate having to deal with your competition and at the same time improve your chances of getting on the search engines’  first page.

With the Site Rank feature, you are able to find out where your sites are ranked in Google at any time and see what page your pages and posts are on.   How cool is that?

If you have tried other keyword research tools, you will find that most of them are difficult to use and will involve a lot of learning to understand.  Jaaxy has made keyword research simple so that someone who is new to keyword research can use it with ease and benefit from it.

Seasoned online marketers also find the Jaaxy keyword research tool so convenient to use and because all essential information is presented in a few clicks, it saves valuable time that can be used for other tasks.

Jaaxy makes your tasks easier with domain availability information.  This way you do not have to do a separate search for this.  Jaaxy does it for you.
competitionWant to see how the competition does it? With Jaaxy you also get Search analysis and see which sites are included in the top 10 positions of Google, Yahoo and Bing.  This enables you to spy on your competition and know information such as their meta title and description, number of backlinks, their Google page rank.

Jaaxy is web-based meaning you can access it anywhere you are, on your laptop, your tablet, your phone.  No downloads necessary.  And since it is web-based, as long as you have an internet connection, you can use it.  The nice thing about this is whenever you get an idea for a niche or a keyword, wherever you are, you can just do a search on your gadget.  Easy and convenient.

How Much Does Jaaxy Cost?

Whatever your budget is there is a Jaaxy plan for you.

Starter – FREE

With the Starter account you get 30 free searches.  This will allow you to see and experience the many awesome features of Jaaxy and discover how this can really help you as you create niches and pages.

Jaaxy PRO – $19 per month or a lower $199 per year

With Jaaxy Pro, you get unlimited searches and unlimited use of all the features of Jaaxy.   You can use the awesome keyword research tool to your heart’s content and generate lots and lots of ideas that you can consider for your niche and writing projects.

Jaaxy Enterprise – $49 per month or a lower $499 per year

This is the power version of Jaaxy giving you instant QSR and domain availability results with five times faster site rank analysis and speed and more alphabet soup search results.

Choose your JAAXY plan here

How A Keyword Research Tool Should Be

You don’t have to take my word for it.  The other thing I love about Jaaxy is they offer a free trial so you can test drive it and see for yourself how it works and how it can give you tons of value driving your success in your online business.

Go on. Try it now for FREE.

See for yourself why Jaaxy is how a keyword research tool should be. 

Nothing to lose.

Everything to gain.

18 thoughts on “How A Keyword Research Tool Should Be : A Jaaxy Review

  1. I can’t believe the Jaaxy keyword tool has a free trial. Thanks for providing the link where I could try out Jaaxy. It is, by far, the easiest and fastest keyword tool I have ever tried.

    The green light for the profitable keywords takes the guess work out of it and really makes the process fast and fun. The green light is what sold me.

    1. HI Gary! When I started using Jaaxy I never looked at another keyword research tool again. I think it was specifically created for online marketers as it really makes the work easier. A lot of the tasks are automated so you don’t have to do additional research anymore. I specifically like the data on competition and love the fact that a single keyword search yields more ideas. Really perfect for me. And yes the free trial is a great way to see for yourself the features of Jaaxy without spending a dime. This actually signals to me that this tool is legit. Thanks for visiting my site.

  2. I’ve been using jaaxy pro for about 2 years and I have come to rely on it for a few of the features.
    I always use alphabet soup to get ideas for posts. I plug the best ones into the search bar to refine my list of long tails. I always check my ranks with the site rank feature.
    Jaaxy is one of the few keyword tools that can be used on a mobile device.
    If I’m travelling a long distance I often do some jaaxy keyword research along the way. Its a better use of my time than crosswords etc.
    I would back you on your recommendation. Thanks j

    1. Hi Janelle! That’s a cool idea you have there doing keyword research on Jaaxy while traveling. That is indeed a good use of your time. Jaaxy is also my go-to tool whenever I need keyword ideas or have ideas that I need to verify or expand. I agree with you – the alphabet soup facility within Jaaxy is really a big help in getting those long tails.

  3. I took your advice and signed up for this tool as I could not believe there was a free option – woe I’m completely blown away by it at the moment!
    The results it spits out are far superior to my past keyword tool options.
    How many more results does the premium option offer and do you feel it is worth it?

    1. Congratulations Chris! You have upped your SEO to another level. Signing up to Jaaxy was one of the best decisions I have made in my SEO efforts. Really makes my work easier and helps me in time management. And the ideas that I get from Jaaxy are so awesome. Premium is much much worth really. Whereas in the free option you get a limited number of keyword ideas, with premium get all the ideas that Jaaxy could find, thus, giving you more options. At $19 this is I think the most reasonably priced keyword research tool with all the features it offers. Value for money really.

  4. Hi Kathy!

    Well, I’ve taken your advice and now have tried out Jaaxy. Simply put, it is AMAZING.

    Not to mention free!

    Takes so much guesswork out of keyword research! With the guidelines it’s so easy to know which keywords I should use to get my desired results.

    Thanks for sharing this amazing tool!

  5. I feel that QSR is helpful- as it’s a metric we don’t see in other keyword tools but can help narrow down what we should be focusing on.

    KQI, as well. Jaaxy is awesome in that it offers new metrics that allow internet marketers like us to do our research much more quickly, leading to quicker and higher quality content production.

    1. Yes that is one of the things unique to Jaaxy – the QSR data and this is a favorite of mine. A lot of focus has been placed on number of searches and traffic volume and not enough emphasis is given to competition data. For me competition is very crucial and can spell the difference between ranking and not ranking at all specially for new websites. New websites have almost no chance of competing for keywords that have a lot of sites competing for it.

      With QSR data you get to zero in on those keywords that have little or even no competition at all and get a great chance ranking for them. Really makes life much much easier for online marketers.

  6. Kathy,
    I have used Jaaxy for several years. The keyword research has helped me get a lot of my post on page one. Having your information on the first page that people look at after their search is how you can get people to read your articles. There are so many other tools that help online marketers in Jaaxy stay on top of the search pages. I would recommend this program to any blogger online to make their blog get more visitors.

    1. Good for you John! I really think Jaaxy is the best keyword research tool today. The information it provides to internet marketers like us is comparable to none. Seems like the guys at Jaaxy have thought of everything and all we need to do is enter an initial keyword idea and the program will just provide several related ideas. With Jaaxy we do not have to get stressed finding keywords for our next posts. It pumps out the keywords for you. And it gives value for money too. With all the features it offers, the price you pay for a paid subscription is all worth it. Thanks for dropping by.

  7. Wow, I actually didn’t know it could do so many things. Especially the site ranking it provides (and the spying on the competition *cough*) . I’m starting an online business, and this tool does sound perfect. Thanks for the information.

    Best regards,


    1. Hi Luis! Site ranking on Jaaxy has helped me a lot in tracking my progress. Knowing where you stand at any time really keeps you on your toes and lets you tweak your SEO strategies to improve your rankings. It also lets you know which strategies are effective so you can duplicate this in other pages. Thanks for dropping by!

  8. Wow! Jaaxy is an amazing tool. Not only will it save my time but it also give me an edge over my competition. I like the feature you told about how jaaxy can help to find competition. I am off to sign up for Jaaxy free version. Thank you for providing information on such a valuable tool.

    1. Hi Jed! Competition data is one of the most valuable things I get from Jaaxy. This gives me the competitve advantage actually. It is so difficult to rank with so many sites vying for the same keyword and knowing which keywords have lower competition gives you the chance to get up there on Google’s first page. Go ahead and try it. The free option feature is one of the things I love about Jaaxy. This just means that they are confident enough to let people see their program and try it out for free. Good luck on your keyword hunting!

  9. Hey Kathy,

    I have been using Jaaxy for over a year and loved it! I have tried a lot of keyword research tools out in the past, and Jaaxy is my favorite.

    I like:

    Video tutorials.
    The user interface.
    Ease of use.
    Keyword suggestions.
    Tracking keywords.


    1. That’s great Garen! I have also tried a lot of tools in the past but Jaaxy is the one for me. You are right, the ease of use is one of the things that is has become a favorite of countless internet marketers today. You can just do all your keyword research just by using the tool and get usable information that really matter.

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