what a niche is

Let Me Define What A Niche Is

Let me define what a niche is.

What is a niche?  You probably have wondered what a niche is really and how this relates to creating an online business that will in turn generate revenues for you.  It really all starts with defining your niche, thus, it is important that you understand what it really is and how it is vital to your success.  So here let me define what a niche is.

what a niche isA niche is simply a group of people searching for something.

It is a portion of the total market that is looking to find specific information, goods or services.  It is basically an audience.  It is a target market that you can focus on.  It is the segment of the market which has particular needs or wants.

For example, dresses for plus-sized women is a niche; or training for large dogs is another niche.

If you aim to have an income generating online business then the first step you need to do is to define your niche.   Marketing and promoting to a specific niche is easier than targeting a large market since a particular niche has common needs and preferences.

When choosing your niche, choose something that interests you. 

Why? Because for your online business to thrive you will have to be doing what you are interested in and which you enjoy doing.  Making money online should be fun for you.

This way you get to be more productive as it will feel less of a job but rather, a pleasant and gratifying thing to do.  It can be anything – a hobby, a passion, a problem that you yourself want to solve, something that you need or require.

When your niche interests you, you are able to understand the needs of your audience.   This enables you to talk to them more effectively.    You become better  at convincing them in your marketing, thus,  giving you a better chance of getting their business.

But besides being interesting for you, make sure that the niche will also be able to generate income for you. 

Make sure there are enough interested buyers for that niche to make it financially rewarding for you.  After all, that is what you are aiming for – to attract customers and turn those customers into buyers and generate sales.

There are millions of niches out there and as long as there are people who are searching for something online you will never run out of niches to leverage.

And when choosing your niche, it would be to your advantage if you are specific.  If your niche is too broad then you will have a difficult time conveying your information.

Almost all niches can be further refined to make it more specific.  You can do this by injecting considerations on price, gender, age, location.

To illustrate, let us say that you are interested in the baby niche.  The baby niche is very broad as there are several more specific aspects of babies that you can target.  You can target toys for baby boys, or low-priced baby dresses.

 nicheWhen you make your niche more specific you can position yourself as an expert in that niche.

People tend to prefer dealing with experts.   And when you concentrate on a specific niche you are able to project yourself as a specialist in that niche; thus, giving you bigger chances to attract buyers and getting their business. Isn’t this what you are in business for?

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2 thoughts on “Let Me Define What A Niche Is

  1. You can make money out of any niche, you can easily expand on your niche and choosing a niche is affiliate maketing is very different because it all about the content and how it can help your visitors

    1. You are correct on that Arthur. There is no such thing as a wrong niche in affiliate marketing. As long as you choose a niche that is being searche by people online and at the same time it is something that interests you then by all means go for it. First and foremost in your mind should be the objective of providing help or solutions to people. When you are able to provide this to your audience you are able to establish authority in your chosen niche. This will, in turn lead to trust and trust can translate to conversions for you.

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