Make Your Own Website For Free For Your Business (With Video Tutorial)

People sometimes are stumped when faced with the prospect of having to create a website themselves because they are not technically inclined and they worry about the costs associated with building a site.  Today I would like to show you that it is possible to make your own website for free for your business.

In a previous post-  Why Create Your Own Website For Your Business – I enumerated the reasons why it is important for business owners to create a business website and take advantage of the benefits of having an online presence.   If you are a startup and you want your business to take off or you’ve had a business for a while now and you want your business to grow, a website is the way to go.

Creating a website is relatively easy these days compared to years ago when one had to create code to do this.  Today you have platforms that will help you create sites that are not only easy to make but look very professional.

But first the basics

For you to be able to publish your website online, you will have to have hosting services.   The hosting service provider provides all the services required for your website to be published online.   Your website is stored in the provider’s computers called servers.

You will also have to have a Content Management System (CMS).   Content Management System (CMS) is a tool that enables you to create website content as well as edit, publish, and archive that content.  This contains the tools by which you will be able to create and make public your blog posts on your website.

Next you will have to have a domain name.  Try to look at a domain name as your address on the internet.  The information contained in your domain name enables web browsers to find your website and pages.

 Try it now. Create your own FREE website.



WordPress is by far still my Content Management System of choice.   It’s free,  it’s easy to use, and easy to customize – great for beginners and long-time users alike.  It is today the most popular CMS with over 70 million websites using it.  WordPress makes it really easy to add, edit and publish content and it also offers the most number of free themes and plugins compared to other systems.

And now the process of creating your own website has been made even easier with WordPress Express.   It’s easy, it’s fast and its FREE.  WordPress Express will allow you to create your own website in a jiffy. WordPress Express was created by the same fantastic guys who created Wealthy Affilate.  This is by far the fastest and most user friendly system of creating a website.

I can show you how easy it is to make your own website for free for your business.  Following is a video walkthrough on how to create a website using WordPress Express– for FREE.  Do check it out. It’s easy, it’s fast and it’s for real.  Within the next 10 minutes you can have your very own website and get up and running in no time at all.


Create Your Own Website – WATCH VIDEO NOW


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