Making Money Online : How The Process Works

To get you started on your online money making venture, let us first discuss making money online – how the process works – so that you can understand the basics.  It is not a complicated process as some may think, and you might be surprised at how simple it really is.

computer-303129_1280Whether you are a student,  a retiree, a stay-at-home mom a 9-to-5 employee, or are currently out of a job,  you are, in all likelihood, trying to find ways earn more to make that extra buck to help pay the bills or even to build a full-time career out of.

There are several ways of making money online.  A lot of you fear venturing into it because you think that maybe the process will be too complicated or it may cost you an arm and a leg to start.

But what if there is a way that will allow you to make money on a continuing basis and which you can have up and running in no time at all and all at minimal or even no startup costs?  What I will show you is a very basic process that will help you build a successful online business that will generate continuing online revenues for you and which you yourself can do even if you are newbie.

There are almost 4 billion users on the internet worldwide and what do you think these people are doing online?

shopping-1073449_1280They are searching for interesting information and a lot of times looking to buy products and services that they need.

And this is where you can come in.

You can be the provider of whatever it is they are looking for. You can give them the information that they seek and you can sell them the products that they need.  And you can do this no matter what information or products they are looking for and earn revenue from it.

See the following infographic that will illustrate what I am talking about:


More often than not,  people usually surf the internet or search social media to find whatever it is that interests them.  Whether they are looking for information or products and services, the first go-to medium nowadays is the internet.

If you have information or products that they need , then you can help those people; and in the process of giving them the solution they are looking for, you can earn revenue from it.

white-male-1748828_1920You may ask – I don’t have products to sell so how can I do this? 

Simple – by promoting other products and earning a commission whenever you are able to sell those products.   Even if you do not own the products, you can sell those and earn revenues through commissions from them.

There are millions of products that you can promote online and most of these products have an affiliate program that you can leverage on.

You can be an affiliate for these products and have unlimited opportunities to earn.


So how do I start?

All online businesses should have a website as its main element.   You will need a website for you to get up and start running.  This will be the medium by which your audience and customers will find you.  In a subsequent post I will enumerate the advantages of having a website for your business.

To further explain to you how to make money online, how the process works and why a website is crucial to your business, watch the following video that will elaborate on this:


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An online business is an awesome business to have really.  You earn revenue and at the same time you are able to help people find a solution to their requirements and needs.   And you can even earn full time income from this as I will show you in subsequent posts.

You can make money online.  It’s just a matter of doing the right things and going the right direction to achieve this. 

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If you have questions about how to make money online you can leave comment below and I will only be too glad to help you out.

All for now.  See you inside for more awesome posts.

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